If you are local GIVE US A CALL!  We can meet you and discuss your quilt ideas!  We also offer FREE RETURN SHIPPING on any quilt we receive from you!  Just give us a call when you  mail your quilt and we will watch for it.  When we receive it we will call you back and discuss what you want quilted on it.  ITS THAT SIMPLE!

QUICK TURN AROUND!  We can usually get your quilt back to you in 2 to 3 weeks!

Honeycomb Quilting

CUSTOM PATTERNS! If we don’t have a pattern you like then we will make one! We love designing new patterns and if its something we can add to our pattern catalog we won’t charge you for it! If its a logo or other custom work then there is a $30 charge.

If you don’t know how to make a quilt but still want one, just let us know and we can do it all for you! Show us a picture and we can discuss what it would cost.

If you have a pile of T-shirts you want put into a quilt we can do that too! We have made many memory quilts from loved ones clothing. We love those kinds of projects.