Sun Bonnet Sue

I have always loved Sun Bonnet Sue!  When I was a little girl my grandma made me a quilt for my little doll crib that had 1 sun bonnet sue on it.  I still have it.  It’s pretty tattered, but I put it in a shadow box and it hangs in my sewing room.  When my little girls were small I made them each a quilt for their beds that were Sun Bonnet Sue’s.  When a lady asked me to help her with these little Sue’s I couldn’t resist.  They were made by her Great Grandmother, but never put in a square.  I loved putting this quilt together for her and can’t wait for her to see it!  It is quilted with the Posie Pattern.  This one seems to be a favorite.  The top left square it the only one that Great Grandma finished.  It had to go in!  Even though its a little stained, you can see GG’s stitches.  I left all the basting stitches on each of the dolls that GG made.  Its fun to see all the colors of thread that she used.  I’m sure she was planning on taking all the basting out after the quilt was done, but its fun to see GG’s hand in it.